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Welcome to the eEducators online course Web site. Our commitment is to provide quality continuing education courses dedicated to educating today's teachers.

As classroom teachers, we understand the challenge of teaching, parenting, and staying current with continuing education credits.  Our goal is to offer continuing education online courses, through accreditated universities, that are “teacher-friendly” and immediately applicable to the classroom.
Here are a few comments from
former course participants.

~ THANK YOU for all your help and support.  I have taken a lot of classes (almost to my masters + 30) and this is the best one by far.  I feel that I truly learned a lot and can actually go and apply it-tomorrow!! Thank you for not making me do busy work or meaningless papers. This was the first on-line course I have taken and I definitely felt more of a personal connection.

~ I enjoyed the freedom and flexibility to work at my own pace and when it was convenient for me.

eEducators was co-founded in 2001 by Judy Kvaale and Susan Lundgren, who are classroom teachers, workshop presenters and online instructors. Both instructors possess Masters degrees in education.  Together they have over 60 years of  classroom experience.
  Judy Kvaale: jkvaale@yahoo.com    
  Sue Lundgren: susanlundgren2000@yahoo.com
~ First online class I've taken. Easy to follow - it was nice to get immediate feedback from the instructor on every assignment! Very useful class - will definitely use what I've learned in my classroom!

~ I found the course to be very useful in my classroom.  I implemented knowledge gained as I proceeded through the course. I would  recommend this course to  all my colleagues.

~ The materials for this course were incredibly organized and easy to use.  I was very  impressed by  this!